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InTheShadowOfABadge WhiteLightOfGrace BeforeIGo
In the Shadow of a Badge, Lillie Leonardi takes readers on a dramatic journey of what happens when her two very distinct realities become dangerously intertwined. As an inspiring example of what it really means to be called to service, Leonardi shows that it’s never too late to find your spiritual path and life’s purpose. In The White Light of Grace, Lillie Leonardi traces life-altering events, times when she called on the angels for blessings and others when she learned how to rely on herself. Her remarkable stories focus on her personal transformations, as well as the incredible experiences of those around her. Memories sustained are not always kind to the heart. Sometimes, the emotions attached remain trapped inside, never allowing for the heartfelt sentiment to reach the surface. Before I Go is Lillie Leonardi’s first eBook and co-authored by her eldest grandchild. It is a tale about the healing power of forgiveness.
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Each of us singular in design.
Yet, each of us is connected as one.
We are all one in the same.
Dare to believe.
Dare to explore.
Dare to endeavor.
Dare to witness and share the story.




The message written above was given to me by the angels to share with you.

Whether I am penning my next book, working with other authors or receiving the grace of insight from my angelic guides, I do so to bear witness and share the stories I am called to tell.

My name is Lillie Leonardi and I am an author who writes about the lessons I have learned (and continue to learn) as a spiritual intuitive on this journey we call life. On this site you will find information about my literary works, Reflections, and upcoming events as well as reviews and testimonials from those I admire. It is my hope that once you have read my books or spent time on this site, you too will dare to believe, explore and endeavor to witness and share your own story.


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