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“Before I Go”

Memories sustained are not always kind to the heart. Sometimes, the emotions attached remain trapped inside, never allowing for the heartfelt sentiment to reach the surface.  “Before I Go” is Lillie Leonardi’s newest venture: a fictional short story set to be released on e-book in the fall of 2015 and co-authored by Leonardi’s eldest grandchild.  It is a tale about finding redemption and the healing power of family ties.  In it, Leonardi explores how important it can be not only to forgive others, but to forgive oneself as well.


The White Light of Grace

The White Light of Grace

The White Light of Grace, Lillie’s second book, reflects the continuing story from where the first book left off. The many chapters trace Lillie’s journey as a law enforcement officer, the PTSD diagnosis, the necessary healing processes, and the difficulties faced.

The pages also unearth aspects of her childhood, her spiritual path, and the origins of her intuitive gifts. Additionally, the narrative is her version of a love story. Not the conventional type that one may be familiar with reading, Lillie’s own rendition of her “affairs of the heart.”

Release Date: February, 2016






In The Shadow Of A Badge Book Cover

In The Shadow Of A Badge

In her first book, In the Shadow of a Badge: A Memoir about Flight 93, a Field of Angels, and My Spiritual Homecoming, Lillie shares the story of what she witnessed at the Flight 93 crash site on 9/11.  The pages penned provide a personal account of her 13 days at Shanksville – including the tale of angelic visitations before, during, and after 9/11 – revealed through her subsequent treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

This first-hand account describes the spiritual experience Lillie encountered while serving in her professional capacity as the Community Outreach Specialist with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Pittsburgh Division.  Her observations are a personal interpretation of the events preceding and following 9/11 and, in particular, the Flight 93 crash.  The book also details her on-going journey of personal healing and recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) following her experiences that day.



Lillie’s books are available for purchase in bookstores globally, or online here:

Hay House


Barnes & Noble

To read Lillie’s series of blogs for The Huffington Post, visit:  The Huffington Post

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The possibilities of a universe connected.

Each of us singular in design.
Yet, each of us is connected as one.

We are all one in the same.
Dare to believe.
Dare to explore.
Dare to endeavor.
Dare to witness and share the story.



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