Barnes & Noble is a seller of Lillie’s first and second books In the Shadow of A Badge and The White Light of Grace. Selina Blinn, Community Relations Manager at the Settlers Ridge bookstore, is a supporter of Lillie’s works, as well as fellow Pittsburgh based authors.

Cally Jamis Vennare is a good friend of Lillie’s and provided publicity and support on In the Shadow of A Badge.

Carlini Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine provides Lillie with acupuncture services and healing.

Cooper-Siegel Community Library is a long-time community collaborator of Lillie’s and the location of the annual “Passages & Prose” literary event.

Cribs For Kids is a non-profit organization based in Hazelwood, Pennsylvania which provides safe sleep education and free cribs to families who qualify. Founder and executive director Judy Bannon is a collaborator and fellow author of, Five Ladies and A Forklift. Cribs For Kids is the sponsor of the 2016 “Passages & Prose” literary event.

Cynthia Cannell is Lillie’s literary agent and provides many authors with guidance and professional services to help them publish and promote their books.

Embroidery From the Heart is the retail business of Lillie’s long-time friend Terri Stitt and the developer of the “Fellowship of the Wings” t-shirt available in Lillie’s SHOP.

Glenyss Bourne is an artist who paints and creates angelic images.Several pieces of artwork are available for purchase in Lillie’s SHOP. Glenyss and Lillie are currently collaborating on an upcoming project.

Hay House is the publishing company for both of Lillie’s books and host of the website where several of Lillie’s articles are published.

Journeys of Life is a mind, body, and spirit retailer located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where Lillie purchases many items including books, crystals, stones, and candles.

Ladles is the restaurant of Lillie’s long-time friend and caterer Kathy Marsico-Kaminski located in Springdale, Pennsylvania.

Maria Pisano has served as Lillie’s publicist since winter 2015. In her continued work with Lillie, she also serves as Director of Marketing for Passages & Prose. Currently, Maria is the Director of Communications for The Pittsburgh Association for The Education of Young Children (PAEYC).

Military Writers Society of America nominated Lillie’s book In The Shadow Of A Badge for a prestigious 2012 Military Writers Society of America award in the Non-Fiction Spiritual/Religious category.

Oakmont Carnegie Library is a long-time community collaborator of Lillie’s and has hosted several events for her including her Book Release Event for In the Shadow of A Badge.

Liz Rooney is a good friend of Lillie’s and has provided a great deal of media support from the time of the first book release.

Bill Medica shares a strong friendship with Lillie and was responsible for producing the initial book trailer for In the Shadow of A Badge.

Pennwriters is a not-for-profit organization of more than 390 members from Pennsylvania and beyond. Their mission is to help writers of all levels, from the novice to the award-winning and multi-published, improve and succeed in their craft.

Beth Caldwell is the founder and executive director of Pittsburgh Professional Women, and a fellow author. In collaboration, Beth and Lillie developed the annual literary event “Passages & Prose.” The second annual event is scheduled for October 1, 2016.

Women in Film and Media is dedicated to improving the status and portrayal of women in media and strives to provide access to opportunities within the industry by working with other non-profit organizations dedicated to helping women and children. Faith Dickinson is the founder of WIFM Pittsburgh, and a friend and strong supporter of Lillie’s.