In the Shadow of a Badge

In the Shadow of A Badge begins as a fascinating look at 9/11 through a responder’s eyes, and unfolds to be a “Hero’s Journey” into the spiritual awakening and healing of its author. Ultimately, Lillie Leonardi’s gift to readers is a touchingly beautiful guidebook of sorts for those seeking self-actualization, from one who has walked ahead on that difficult but rewarding path.”

— Julie Long, author of ROOVILLE

The White Light of Grace

“If you believe in angels, this is the book for you. Lillie details her early and repeated encounters with Archangel Michael in many chapters of the book. In her childhood she referred to him as the “Blue Man with wings.” She was reprimanded about her sightings and so stopped sharing them with others. But she did not stop believing and always felt herself channeled to the angels…I preferred to read Lillie’s book slowly and savor it, rather than hurry through it. It reads like a spiritual reference guide, encouraging the reader to think of their own experiences and how to live a more openly spiritual life. The book is beautifully written and is a lovely example for me as I move forward on my writing journey.”

— Joanne Jamis Cain, author of ordinary IS extraordinary and Katherine’s Daughter blogger


“Whether you strongly believe in angels or question the spiritual realm, The White Light of Grace prompts reflection and encourages embracing all possibilities. Lillie Leonardi tells the story of her life’s journey filled with incredible struggles and great accomplishments. She is compelling and heartfelt as she opens up about her first experiences in encountering angelic beings as a child and how at times, her spiritual gifts often made life more complicated. It is ultimately a story of hope that can provide strength and comfort for anyone going through a difficult time.”

— Tonia Caruso, media professional