Hosted by author and lecturer Lillie Leonardi, INTUIT  is a new podcast focused on angels, angelic encounters, the Divine, intuitive gifts, grace, and spirit.

Exploring divine connections and relationships, each episode examines a different topic or story related to angels. Guests include individuals who have experienced angelic encounters, authors who have penned about their spiritual journeys, theologians who possess expertise on the subject matter, and those who practice spirituality.

New episodes of INTUIT are recorded each Thursday*, 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. (EST) at the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University in downtown Pittburgh. Listeners interested in participating in the conversation LIVE may dial 412-355-5665. To connect with Lillie and the discussion on social media, like INTUIT on Facebook (Are You Intuit) and follow on Twitter (@RUIntuit).

*Episodes #1 and #2 will be recorded Thursday, November 16, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.


Episode #1: Angelology
Guest: Mirna Solorzano, Angel Intelligence Practitioner


More than a decade ago, the “whispers” of the Angels came to Mirna Solorzano. Their “call” was so strong she could no longer ignore the journey she was about to undertake.

Mirna believes her purpose in this lifetime is to teach others about the Angels. She believes our guardians wish to interact with all souls of this planet for the betterment and ascension of the human race, and that Angels are nondenominational. The Angels have been Mirna’s teachers and imparted great wisdom, healing and protection throughout her life.

For more info about Mirna and her practice, please visit: www.AngelicEncountersWithMirna.com.



Episode #2: Reflections of 9/11
Guests: Dennis Frederick, Retired Port Authority Police Officer, NY & NJ and John Morabito, Retired Firefighter, FDNY

In this episode, Lillie shares the story of her angelic encounter on 9/11 at the Flight 93 crash site and invites first responders to tell their tales of the Divine.


Dennis Frederick is a retired Sergeant with the Port Authority Police Department of New York & New Jersey. At the time of 9/11, he served as a first responder to the Twin Towers. Along with fellow officers, Dennis entered the Towers to help evacuate persons from the burning structures. When the Towers fell, Dennis found refuge under a FDNY fire truck. There under the cover of the vehicle, Dennis felt his life slipping away.

He however survived the collapse of the Towers and believes he was saved by a Divine presence.



23380029_2008263239449928_8254732168238037956_nJohn Morabito is a retired NYC firefighter. On 9/11, John and his colleagues at “Ten House,” the only New York fire station inside Ground Zero, were among the first rescue workers to respond to the Twin Towers. In the post hours of 9/11, John believes miraculous events occurred to include the survival of his brother, a fellow firefighter, and a visit by a mysterious presence that provided prophetic words of wisdom.

The responders will share their experiences & engage in a deeper discussion about what happens when the physical and metaphysical worlds collide.