AngelQuest: In Search of the Messengers

Angel Quest: In Search of the Messengers is an unscripted television series currently in development.

Lillie Leonardi is the creator and will co-host with actor/producer Frank Dicopoulos (formerly Frank Cooper on Guiding Light).

The program takes a closer look at angelic encounters and examines how individuals all over the world find faith in their connection to the Divine. This program is not about religion – it is of spirit. Lillie’s own relationship with the angels makes her uniquely qualified to explore these stories and to connect with those who have had similar experiences.

The development and production team consists of: Tonia Caruso, Frank Dicopoulos, David Kreizman, Kiesha Lalama, Ron Lindblom, and Sam Sandora. The sizzle reel teaser was produced by Curt Ciumei at NJ Discover.

If you are an individual with an angelic encounter to share, please contact Lillie at


A Force of Nature Series

  • Book One: Winter/Laughter in the Snow
  • Book Two: Spring/Wisdom in the Rain
  • Book Three: Summer/Joy in the Sunshine
  • Book Four: Fall/Secrets in the Leaves
  • Book Five: All Seasons/Imprints in the Snow

Each book relays a short story about Lillie’s four grandchildren and daughter and shares their reactions to the wonders of the four seasons and the phenomena of nature. Each tale imparts an important “Reflection” upon lessons learned (by the children and the adult) while watching the miracle of nature.


Decorating the Mantle for Christmas

Decorating the Mantle for Christmas is a short story that shares a tale about Lillie’s granddaughter and her reaction to the annual tradition of garnishing the fireplace mantle for Christmas. The story unfolds as the two unwrap prized holiday ornaments and Lillie recounts the origins of each. The narrative also imparts a significant reflection about legacy.